First meeting with Jack

His energy felt good, what immediately created trust.

I started feeling a bit restless, because I felt that some aspects in my system started to resonate with the frequency he carries.

Although through my feeling awareness, I felt safe and in reliable hands and was willing to fully surrender and receive, subconsciously however my system started to block completely. I was totally incapable of feeling anymore… This was a very intense experience for me, because feeling is my guide..

This made me feel very vulnerable..

But because of the huge dedication and unconditional love of Jack, I was finally able to let go of a part of my unconscious blocks and to accept the connection with Source Jack offered me.

This brought a form of relaxation I had not experienced for a long time.

Without disclosing all details.. Jack liberated me from many forms of imprisonment, inwardly and outwardly. He was able to move through many barricades whereby he could touch my core issues.

He touched my heart.. he touched my soul.. and Beyond.

Grateful for this meeting and this experience..

Thank you for your being dear Jack!

In the energy of Love.

Heart greeting,


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