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Under the button ‘ about us ‘, you can read more about Anette and Laetitia. Together we can offer you a workshop package containing , nutrition (Laetitia), yoga physics (Anette) and energy work/painting (Jack). In the future we are also going to create weekend- and week programs located at a beautiful place in a nice natural environment.

In 2013 I started making energy chalk drawings, which I photographed. In addition I regularly held energy sessions at home. During those sessions we worked with the energy chalk drawings and learned to work with those energies.

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The Source of Brightness is about Energy paintings and the connection with The Source and The Universe.

Through this Energy you can explore your Inner Self and get in touch with The Source and The Universe. You’ll start to work with Your Energy and your further growth and development.

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If you would like to assign me to make you a Spiritual Energy painting, you can mail me, so we can set a date and time. You can choose from two possibilities; A Energy painting based on you or a Meditation painting for meditative use.

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