About Laetitia

I am a Nature- and Orthomolecular Dietician and Naturopathic Therapist.

An increasing number of people in the modern western society, both adults and children, suffer from more and more complaints like (food)allergies, chronic fatigue, burnout and other stress symptoms, heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis and overweight.

My mission in this world we all live in, with it’s pollution and high demands to perform and succeed, is to bring people back in contact with themselves and by doing so learn how to get yourself in balance under all these circumstances.

Together, we will find out what this balance means for you, through the use of healthy (biological) food, possibly a special diet for a certain period and through cleansing and detoxing at the right moments. Besides, we look for the right balance between rest/movement, activity/relaxation, both physically and mentally en discuss how to implement this in your daily life.

On my website you can read more about my practices. You can call or e-mail me to get more information or to make an appointment.

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